Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My First Cyclone...Warning

This week was another first for me in Tonga...my first cyclone! However, after many phone calls, alerts, speculation, and predictions, my very first Tongan cyclone turned south and completely missed our island. I suppose I should be thankful, but after all the hype it was a bit of a let down. I will just have to wait a bit longer to experience a cyclone, but I am sure there will be ample opportunities over the next two years.

Last weekend (before all the cyclone warnings), our church took a big group of people to the beach for a kai tunu (picnic). It was a gorgeous day, and we set up under a nice big tent. There was sooooo much food. My job was to serve the chicken and hot dogs. There was a giant plastic bin full of steaming meat that I reached into over and over, dutifully piling it on the already overflowing plates of food. It was not very sanitary or visually appealing, but it got the job done. After eating, we spent the afternoon enjoying the beautiful water.
Sunday afternoon I was invited to eat lunch with a family from church, so I spent some time visiting and enjoying a free meal. It was nice to be welcomed into their home so openly. It always amazes me how Tongans readily accept new people into their homes. It is one of my favorite things about Tonga!
Tomorrow is my first day with students, we have an assembly in the morning and then cleaning afterwards. I can't wait to meet the students I will be working with this year. I've already met a few, and they seem great. Here's to the start of a fabulous school year!

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  1. I'm glad the cyclone missed you, but it sounds like you all were ready! Happy start of the school term! Lots of love.