Monday, September 6, 2010

Questions Answered!

Here are some of the questions I've been getting about joining the Peace Corps:

Where is Tonga?

How long will you be gone?

27 months. 3 months of training and 2 years working.

Can you come home at all?

I get about 24 days a year of vacation time, but I probably won't be coming home. It's an expensive trip, and it can be emotionally difficult to make a trip home part way through service.

Where will you be living?

During training I will be staying with a host family. After I move to my permanent site, I will most likely have a small place of my own. However, it is possible that I will continue to live with a host family.

What language do they speak?

Tongan...I'll be learning it!

Will you have electricity and running water?

Most volunteers in Tonga have electricity and running water (thank goodness!).

What about internet access?

It will depend on my permanent site. Internet is available at the Peace Corps offices, at some schools, and on the bigger islands. So at a minimum, I should be able to get online a few times a month.

What will you being doing?

(from my assignment handbook) As Business Advising/Educator, you will be assigned to a secondary or tertiary school where you will strengthen business skills in the classroom. Volunteers will teach basic economics and accounting as per an established Ministry of Education curriculum and work to design additional school-based curriculum that will introduce specific business skills that address business issues relevant to Tonga.

It goes on to explain opportunities for expanding extra-curricular activities, facilitating community development, and expanding classroom materials related to business. Secondary projects are also highly encouraged.

Can you get mail and packages?

Yes, please send lots of mail! I'll post my address when I find out what it is going to be.

Why are you joining the Peace Corps?

Why not? It's an amazing opportunity!

Are you nervous or excited?

Excited and nervous and ecstatic and anxious and lots more.

Well, that's all I can think of for now. I'm looking forward to a weekend in State College with friends and then some more packing next week!