Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hello from Ha'apai

I made it to Ha'apai where I will be staying until December with my host family. They are wonderful and treat me like a princess! I have pink mosquito net and everything. They also feed me soooooooo much food. Luckily we walk a lot and swim, so I get a lot of excercise.

Hopefully I can post this weekend with a longer update. I am thinking of all my family at home...love you lots!


  1. Pink - how perfectly wonderful!!!!! We miss you and love that you are well and settled for now. All our love, Uncle Karl and Aunt Jayne (the one who loves pink).

  2. Charity,
    Kristen keeps me updated on your adventure! She's practicing her Tongan...I think she's swearing at me! She told me that you were in the kava ceremony and got married the day you arrived. And what's this about muscle relaxer? That can't be good. Well, I'm enjoying your blog now that I have a Google Account. Well, that's another story....
    Mary Lynn Varley