Sunday, November 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home

The other day I was chatting with some Peace Corps friends, and we realized that we are beginning to forget some of the things that are different about our lives in Tonga. So for my own benefit and in order to show that I am not just on vacation for 2 years, here are some of the differences between Tonga and America:

· Suto (hitchhiking) is our main method of transportation.

· I take bucket baths with fresh water every day because any r

unning water is salty.

· Someone from my host family accompanies me whenever I want to walk somewhere.

· There are dogs, pigs, cats, and chickens in my backyard.

· School is cancelled when there is too much rain.

· We get a break for taimi ti (tea time) around 10:00 each day.

· Most afternoons there are rugby games in the field across from my house.

· Dances are the main social activity every weekend.

· Catholics are the most liberal church.

· The beach is always a short walk away.

· There are 3 or 4 cockroaches that live in my bathroom.

· There are no t.v. channels, our t.v. is just for watching movies.

· We have a Playstation and a Playstation2, but no games.

· My host mom spends all day weaving while my host dad spends hi

s days in the bush.

· The act of giving is more important than what is given.

· There is a child crying approximately every 5 minutes, but they are u

sually just faking.

· There is only instant coffee.

· Root crops take place of salads.

· Guys can do what they want.

· Mosquito bites are an everyday occurrence.

· Music is everywhere…choirs, cell phones, speaker systems, etc.

· I wear sandals every day.

· My host family eats dog.

· It is never below 60 degrees.

So, those are all the things I can think of now. I'm sure I will discover more over the next 2 years! Lastly, here are a few recent pics:

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  1. Wow - that puts some things we take for granted in perspective.

    Miss you as always. Love, Aunt Jayne