Saturday, May 21, 2011

Library Fun Day

This Saturday morning was fun day at the Vava'u public library...woooo! Fun day consists of lots of carnival games, food, and music. There are lots of local businesses that sponsor the event and the food and games also raise money. I helped out at the food table selling some yummy baked goods. There was also a cake walk and a pinata. The kids had a great time and the volunteers had fun, too!

Some other fun activities that started recently are the college rugby and netball games. Rugby is the sport of choice in Tonga, and it seems like the whole island comes out to watch the games. Rugby is really important to the boys because it offers opportunities for them to get scholarships and jobs overseas. They take it very seriously! The girls play a sport called netball which is a combination of basketball and handball. Players shoot baskets, but there is no dribbling and you can't run when you have the ball. It looks really fun, even though I have yet to attempt playing. Both the rugby and netball games are very fun to watch, and I'm excited to see which school wins the championship this year.

Another exciting event that just started in Vava'u is the annual Church of Tonga conference. Members of that church from all the islands groups, Australia, New Zealand, and America have gathered for a week long conference. Everyday there are church services, meetings, and tons and tons of food.

A quick update on my music class...they now know 3 notes on their recorders! Perhaps soon they will learn a song. Or perhaps not, hahaha.


  1. You can play Mary Had a Little Lamb with B, A and G. They could echo you to learn it. :)

  2. that cracks me up. sounds like you're having a blast :D

    p.s. i think i'm following you now through 2 different accounts. oops. yay more followers!