Saturday, October 8, 2011

One Year

First year in Tonga was excellent. Here are some highlights!

Arrival of Group 76 in Tonga.

My training group.

Swearing-in ceremony.

My house in Vava'u.

My class from Pouono Catering and Hospitality School.

Dancing a traditional Tongan dance, the ta'uolunga.

Riding in a U.S. Navy helicopter.

The king and queen of Aloha Night.

My dad came to visit!!!

Celebrating the anniversary of Mailefihi Siu'ilikutapu College.

Kelana Social Night 2011.

Go 'Ikale Tahi go!

Group 76 Vava'u crew. 'Ofa atu!


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  2. What a great year it has been for you! We miss you terribly, but are so proud of you!

  3. It reminds me of how last week, I had to think for a second about what I did for my birthday last year, then I was like "Oh! We had a going away party for Charity!" quickly followed by "Holy crap, she's been gone for a whole year now." I'm not entirely sure what relevance that has to anything, but 'ofa lahi atu! : )